We are looking for a Head Designer to join us at HackAbroad!  You will work directly with the founders, but ultimately be in charge of all our website and mobile design, while conducting user tests, figuring out our customer experience going forward.

– UX/UI design
– User flow understanding
– Responsive design (mobile)
– Componentization design
– HTML skills, architecting web UIs for ultimate reuse and minimum overhead in size, understanding of componentization and encapsulation
– HTML5 skills (optional) new markup semantics and any experience with the JavaScript APIs is a bonus
– CSS skills, utilising OOCSS/BEM syntax and architecture to create small reusable CSS components that can scale
– CSS3 skills (highly preferable)
– Experience integrating with client-side JavaScript frameworks such as Angular/React/Ember, either to learn or to build experience to become a more valuable asset (such as integrating with templating for example).
– Work directly with CTO to collaborate on particular relevant pieces of projects/features

About HackAbroad

HackAbroad is new startup matching job seekers with international friendly startups. It is the first job site comprised of only tech companies around the world willing to sponsor foreign talent.